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Tapi River

Tapi River is one the 10 longest rivers, stretching at 724km starting in central India and flowing towards the west into Gulf of Khambhat.

Tapi River also called as Tapati, daughter of Sun God, starts it journey in Satpura range, in Multai and then flows through parts of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra then finally going through Gujarat. It passes through Dhuliya, Burhanpur, Bhusawal and Surat.

Around 8 dams have been constructed over Tapi River, out of which Ukai Dam is prominent and houses a large reservoir as well as a Power Plant.

Tapi River is one of the few Rivers in India which flow from East to West, while all the other rivers flow from West to East. Other rivers like Narmada, Mahi and Sabarmati also flow from East to West.

Tapi River flows right into the city of Surat and then finally reaches it’s end point Magdalla-Hazira where it merges with Arabian Sea. Near by Dumas Beach is an attraction point for many tourists and locals.

Tapi River is home to many migratory birds like Flamingoes, Seagulls and other birds like Cranes. Many small mangrooves can be spotted during it’s flow in Surat.

Many temples are built near river bed in the villages and cities located in it’s path. Surat Fort was built during the British rule in India is located on River Tapi.

Tapi River provides fresh drinking water to the citizens of Surat. Many water treatment plants have been built by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) which then send fresh water to Surat and near by villages using many Water Pumping Stations. There are many canals built in and out of Tapi River, prominent being the Ukai-Kakrapar canal which stretches across the Surat district.

Tapi River has long history of being flooded on many occasions in several decades and has caused lost of damage to Surat multiple times. Flood of August 2006 is marked as of the worst floods in history of the city.

Bridges over Tapi River in Surat

  • Savjibhai Korat Bridge
  • Kapodra-Utran Bridge
  • Amroli Bridge
  • Dabholi-Jahangirpura Bridge
  • Chandrasekhar Azad Bridge
  • Nehru Bridge
  • Hope Bridge
  • Makkai Pool (Bridge)
  • Sardar Bridge
  • Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Cable Stayed Bridge
  • Magdalla ONGC Bridge