ISS Spotting in Surat – December 2019

Location: Surat, India The following ISS sightings are possible from Wednesday Dec 11, 2019 through Friday Dec 27, 2019 Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears Share Event Date: Wed Dec 11, 7:09 PM Visible: 3 min Max Height: 40° Appears: 12° above NNW Disappears: 40° above NE Date: Thu Dec 12, 6:21 PM Visible: 5Continue reading “ISS Spotting in Surat – December 2019”

Kakrapar Atomic Power Station, Gujarat, India

Kakrapar Atomic Power Station is a nuclear power station in India, which lies in the proximity of the city of Vyara. It is located 65km from Surat in the state of Gujarat. It consists of two 220 MW pressurised water reactor with heavy water as moderator (PHWR). KAPS-1 went critical on 3 September 1992 andContinue reading “Kakrapar Atomic Power Station, Gujarat, India”

Vital Contribution from Surat in Chandrayaan-2 mission by ISRO

SURAT: When India becomes the fourth country in the world to soft land its Vikram lander and Pragyan rover on the lunar surface as part of its Chandrayaan-2 mission and conduct experiments on moon’s south polar region, a tiny component made in the Diamond City may have played a big role in this Indian SpaceContinue reading “Vital Contribution from Surat in Chandrayaan-2 mission by ISRO”


TREATMENT PLANT CAPACITY[ MLD ] Anjana Sewage Treatment Plant 82.5 Bhesan Sewage Treatment Plant 100 Bhatar Sewage Treatment Plant 120 Karanj Sewage Treatment Plant 100 Singanpore Sewage Treatment Plant 100 Bamroli-Vadod Sewage Treatment Plant 100 Asarma Sewage Treatment Plant 15 Khajod Sewage Treatment Plant 25 Variav-Kosad Sewage Treatment Plant 84 MLD – Million Litres perContinue reading “SMC SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS – SURAT”