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Skygazing in Surat : Stars, Planets and Summer Solistice in June 2020

4th June 2020

Mercury is at its greatest elongation.

5th June 2020

Fullmoon (Jyestha Shukla Purnima)

World Environment Day

18, 19, 20 June 2020

Waning Crescent Moon

21st June 2020


Summer Solistice – Longest Day of the year

Father’s Day

International Yoga Day

22, 23, 24 June 2020

Waxing Crescent Moon

23 June 2020

Jagannath Rath Yatra (Ashadha Shukla Dwitiya)

Mercury is visible after Sunset for first week of June and then it gets close enough to Sun in the sky making it difficult to spot. It will rise in the morning near to end of June but difficult to spot until early July.

Venus is close to Sun in sky as seen from Earth. It will be visible as morning star before sunrise after mid of June.

Mars is visible after midnight in early June. Later part of June it rises after 9PM.

Jupiter is visible entire night rising from East after 10PM

Saturn is following Jupiter. It rises after an hour or so in the East. It is visible entire night. It rises early by end of June to be visible in the East right after Sunset.

Planets follow the Elliptical path in the sky.

Scorpius rises in South sky after Sunset and visible for major part of night. Sagittarius is following behind. Great bear rises in the north sky and visible for major part of night.

Skygazing : End of Summer in Surat

Skygazing is going to get a break in Surat as the clouds take over the city slowly.

Clouds arrive in Surat

Here is the Timelapse showing they bring the message of Monsoon.

Cloud Timelapse in Surat

Could only spot Antares amidst the white bright clouds covered in the night sky. Jupiter was hiding behind the clouds and appeared once in a while. It was a hide and seek game. Sagittarius and Scorpius constellation are up in the sky but clear view is not visible. Once in a while few stars are seen before clouds cover them up.

Antares visible bright in sky
Jupiter in night sky
Jupiter shining bright like a urban street light

It’s time to focus on Monsoon and wait for the migratory water birds to make their entry. Sky gazing may become difficult with clouds covered during the day and night for the next two three months. Whenever there is a chance, we will try to check out the sky and bring some updates.

Skygazing : Stars visible on 21st May 2020 in Surat

7:50 PM Surat

SPICA shines bright in the Virgo constellation. It appears high in the east sky. Other stars of Virgo are not yet visible. The sky is light violet blue and turning dark slowly.

PROCYON in the Canis Minor constellation is visible bright at this time. It is high in the west sky and slowly going down.

Wind is blowing at speed of around 20km/h. The coolness it carries is signalling the onset of Monsoon somewhere around the corner. Enjoy the experience of looking at stars on this dark night with the company of cool breeze.

8:05 PM Surat

Algorab, Gieneh Gurab, Kraz and Minkar are visible now beside Spica now. Spica has company of its partner Porrima.

Towards the south Menkent is visible. Beside it Centaurus constellation is visible and it will go around a semicircular path in the sky not rising high up in sky, staying close to horizon.

8:45 PM Surat

Great Bear constellation is shining bright in the sky. It looks like a kite.


While looking at Great Bear, I spotted Hubble Space Telescope flying over head. It was beautiful view. It was visible for 30 minutes or so.

Pollax and Castor are shining together in pair as always. Arcturus is visible in east sky bright and shine. It will be visible all night.

Clouds took over after 5 minutes. Then the game of hide and seek started. The indication of monsoon is around the corner becomes more and more evident.

Clouds overtook the sky. Monsoon is near by.

Let your eyes adjust to darkness for best experience. It will take 30-45 mins.

Skygazing : See Crescent Moon in Surat

Look at the beauty of Crescent Moon and fall in love with skygazing. First glimpse of Crescent Moon marks the end of fasting month – Ramadan.

In Surat, India
Co-ordinates are 21.1 ° N latitude 72.8° E longitude

21st May 2020 to 25th May 2020


Crescent Moon

Sense of DirectionObservation Skills & Patience a lot of it.

21-May5:02 am 78° E6:05 pm 285° W
22-May5:39 am 73° E6:57 pm 289° W
23-May6:24 am 69° E7:52 pm 292° W
24-May7:05 am 66° E8:48 pm 295° W
22 MAY is a New Moon Day (Amavasya)

Moon rises almost an hour late than the previous night. On Fullmoon day, Moon rises after sunset while on newmoon day it rises along with the Sun.

21-May5:58 am 72° E7:12 pm 288° W
22-May5:58 am 72° E7:12 pm 289° W
23-May5:58 am 72° E7:13 pm 289° W
24-May5:58 am 72° E7:13 pm 289° W

Day length is over 13 hrs.

22 May is the New Moon day. There will be no moon on that day or night. A day before that is tonight it will be visible faintly in the west before the Sunset. It will be difficult to see in most areas. To be able to enjoy a perfect crescent moon, you will have to wait after Sunset on 23 May or 24 May.

Never look at the Sun directly at any point of time. It is harmful to eyes. Follow proper guidance and precautions.

On 23rd May, Moon will be visible only 1-2% so it will be very faint in the night sky and near to horizon. Places where you have flat clear unpolluted sky, you may be able to see it. Possibility of seeing is only 5% but once you see young Moon, you will never forget it. Often the sky behind turns pink, blue or orangish during first day because of it’s close timing with the Sunset.


On 24th May, early in the morning just right after Sunrise there is a possibility to see crescent Moon but it will be dimly light near by the Sun so it cannot be seen. Never look at Sun directly. Follow proper care and precautions. It can damage your eyes.

On 24th May evening is the best time to see Crescent Moon. After sunset, slowly darkness falls upon us. Moon will be lit 3-5% in the night and best possible time to catch a glimpse of it. First view of Crescent Moon marks the end of Ramadan month. So it also as religious attachment for some.

Crescent Moon in Surat

Patience is the key.

Moon isn’t visible right away. Even though Moon is above the horizon, it is not visible to us due to pollution in city as well as the luminance is not at it’s maximum. If you are lucky to be in the right place and have keen observation, you may be able to see it below that point as well.

Moon is magic. Once you see the first glimpse of Moon rising behind the trees or dark clouds or some far off houses, you will be captivated in the magic. It takes around 15-20 mins for the Moon to be clearly visible. So in this case it will be around 7:30 PM you can be sure to get a clear glimpse. To be able to see before that luck is needed.

Feel spiritual vibes while skygazing at Crescent Moon marking the end of Ramadan.

Look for planets and stars as well. As you wait while Crescent Moon is visible or once it has been seen until your heart is filled with joy, happiness and serenity, you can look for VENUS which will be visible in the West as well. Also you can look a bit towards the South-East near the horizon or a bit high up by 9pm to be able to see ANTARES.

Wonderful experience. Looking at the sky on any given day or night is a beautiful experience but when you have a lot happening on a single night within a span of hours then it’s the best experience. Enjoy sky gazing with your friends or young children.


On 22 May Moon will not be visible. It is the darkest phase of Moon. Locally it is called as “Amavasya“.

Let us know how your experience was in the comments section below. Feel free to ask any questions related to Crescent Moon or sky-gazing in general. Share your view and share it with your friends.

Best day for ISS spotting in May 2020 from Surat

On May 14, 2020 ISS will be passing over Surat. It will be visible clearly in the evening as it rises from South-West sky to pass before your eyes in the East sky to disappears in North-east direction.

No spotting in May. It has been a while seen ISS has been fairly visible in Surat with naked eye. Whole of May there was no spotting till today. The brightness of objects in sky are measured by scale of Magnitude. Negative values indicate brighter object like Venus is near -4 while positive values indicate fainter objects like stars in constellations. Venus is the brightest planet visible in night sky. Sirius comes next as the brightest star in the sky. If you have seen any stars in the west after Sunset, you may have either seen Sirius or Venus shining brightly like a bulb or local lighting.

ISS will be visible as bright as -3.2 on 14th May 2020 at around 8:10 PM or so. It will rise from the South-West sky slowly appearing like an aeroplane light but it doesn’t blink. It will appear to constantly increase in brightness as it rises high and then seeming to fly by towards the North-east. It will be visible for 4-5 minutes before it disappears into thin air where it will fall in the shadow region due to which it won’t be visible even though it is flying ahead.

Bright dot in the centre is ISS

Watching ISS flyby with naked eye is a unique experience, especially knowing that there are people in it. Currently there are three astronauts housed at International Space station from April 9, 2020 as a part of Expedition 63. NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner are part of the crew.

To get the best experience get yourself positioned for darkness and direction 15-20 minutes before the flyby time. You can enjoy looking and spotting other objects in sky like Venus, Sirius, Antares and other bright objects in sky. Also use a compass to identify the direction like South, East and West.

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Skygazing : Top 20 bright stars in night sky

Some stars are brighter than others. Stars are classified according to their apparent brightness in the magnitude of -6 to 6. Negative values indicate brightest. Sun has a magnitude of -26 or so. While Venus has magnitude of -4 making it the brightest object after Sun and Moon. Let’s check which stars are visible in Surat tonight in the order of their magnitude.

Venus is visible after Sunset. To spot Venus look at towards North-West sky after Sunset. It will be shining bright enough to be seen in the dusk. It’s called as evening star. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible after midnight in the east. So in the evening Venus is the only planet visible this week.

Sirius is the brightest star. Today if you spot Venus and continue to look around in the sky after Sunset, then possibly the second object you will see is Sirius. It is nearly at the same altitude as Venus but towards the West.

SiriusVisible Towards West after Sunset
Near horizon towards South.
Goes below horizon after Sunset.
VisibleAfter 9 PM towards South.
ArcturusVisibleRises in the East after Sunset
& shines brightly whole night
VegaVisibleRises after 9:30 PM
in the North-east sky.
CapellaVisibleVisible after Sunset nearby
till 9PM or so.
Follows Sunset and
visible near horizon for sometime.
ProcyonVisibleShines brightly high in sky after Sunset.
Visible till midnight.
Below horizon in South whole night
HadarVisibleRises barely high enough in the south sky after 9PM.
But is bright enough to be spotted.
AltairVisibleVisible near midnight through all night.
Rises from East follows Arcturus path.
AcruxVisibleJust slightly above the horizon in exact South.
Cannot see if you have buildings around you.
Almost about to set near horizon after Sunset.
AntaresVisibleRises after 9 PM in the South-East sky.
My favorite this month.
Brightest in Scorpius constellation
SpicaVisiblePasses overhead. Visible all night.
Brightest in Virgo constellation
PolluxVisibleVisible above Venus along with Castor.
Barely visible before Sunrise.
DenebVisibleRises in the north sky after 11pm
following the trajectory similar to Vega
MimosaVisibleAlso called Becrux visible after Sunset
near South till midnight.
Stays close to horizon.
Partners with Hadar, Rigel, Acrux, Gacrux and Decrux
RegulusVisibleVisible overhead after Sunset till midnight in West.
Brightest star in Leo constellation

So you can see many stars in the night sky after Sunset before midnight. By talking a walk after dinner you will be able to see maximum stars.

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