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[ MLD ]
Anjana Sewage Treatment Plant82.5
Bhesan Sewage Treatment Plant100
Bhatar Sewage Treatment Plant120
Karanj Sewage Treatment Plant100
Singanpore Sewage Treatment Plant100
Bamroli-Vadod Sewage Treatment Plant100
Asarma Sewage Treatment Plant15
Khajod Sewage Treatment Plant25
Variav-Kosad Sewage Treatment Plant84

MLD – Million Litres per Day (MegaLitres per Day)

Sewage Treatment Plant by Surat Municipal Corporation ©Surat Smart City

SMC Services

Following services are provided by Surat Municipal Corporation for the citizens of Surat.


SMC Civic Centers – Zonewise Surat

Surat Municipal Corporation has always aspired to achieve total customer satisfaction & has endeavoured the same through various methodologies. With the following objectives in mind, S.M.C. started an E-governance project through 17 city civic centers right now. This is further integrated with an in-house Management Information Systems (M.I.S.) that given an instant and as-is report on all activities of City Civic Center on Municipal Commissioner desktop.

Currently SMC is serving the citizens at 17 Civic Centers.


  • Property Tax Collection
  • Professional Tax Collection
  • Birth & Death Certificates
  • Shops & Establishment registration
  • Complain Registration
  • Installment of Municipal tenement, EWS houses & shopping complexes
  • Part plan of T.P.Maps
  • Collection center for all type of applications
  • Distribution of all types of forms/publications of S.M.C.


ZoneCivic CenterAddressCenter Timings
West ZoneWest ZoneWest Zone Office, Tadwadi, New Rander Road, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
West ZoneAdajanAdajan Drainage Pumping Station, Nr. Bhulkabhavan School, Adajan-Hazira Road, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
Central ZoneCentral ZoneS.M.C. Main Office, Muglisara, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
Central ZoneRing RoadNr. Millennium Market, M. G. Road, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
North ZoneNorth ZoneMunicipal Shopping Centre, Gotala Wadi, Katargam, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
North ZoneVedNear Akhand Anand College, Ved Road, Katargam, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
North ZoneKosadEWS Awas H2, Near Police Station, Kosad, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
East ZoneEast ZoneNr. Saifee Society, Opp. Panchwati Wadi, Lambe Hanuman Road, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
East ZoneKaranjNr. Karanj Health Center, Rachana Soc. Road, Karanj, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
East ZonePoonaTekra Falia, Opp. Water Tank, Poona Gam, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
South West ZoneSouth West ZoneAthwa Zone Office, Gokulam Dairy Road, Adarsh Society, Ghod dod Road, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
South West ZoneAthwaVinayak Zariwala Swimming Pool, Athwalines, Chowpati, Surat9:30 am to 1:30 pm
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
South ZoneSouth ZoneUdhna Main Road, Opp. Satyanagar Society, Udhna, Surat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
South ZoneBhestanBhestan Char Rasta, Surat-Navsari Road, Bhestan9:30 am to 4:30 pm
South East ZoneSouth East ZoneBh. Vatika Township, Model Township Road10:30 am to 6:10 pm
South East ZoneLimbayatSahid Bhagat Singh Chawk, Rustam Park, Limbayat10:30 am to 6:10 pm
South East ZoneDindoliBesides Municipal School No. 246-247, Dindoli Main Road, Nr. Ishwarpura Gam, Dindoli.10:30 am to 6:10 pm

There are 3 Civic Centers in South East Zone, namely South East Zone, Limbayat and Dindoli.

There are 2 Civic Centers in South Zone, namely South Zone and Bhestan.

There are 2 Civic Centers in South West Zone, namely South West Zone office and Athwa.

There are 3 Civic Centers in East Zone, namely East Zone office, Karanj and Poona.

There are 3 Civic Centers in North Zone, namely North Zone office, Ved and Kosad.

There are 2 Civic Centers in Central Zone, namely SMC Main Office and Ring Road.

There are 2 Civic Centers in West Zone, namely West Zone office and Adajan.

Usual timing of SMC Civic Center is between 10:30 am to 6:10 pm.

Most of services offered in Civic Centers are also available online via Virtual Civic Centers on Surat Municipal Corporation SMC online portal as well as via Surat Municipal Corporation App on Google Play Store. Citizens can get the benefits from their home on the click of button.


Surat Municipal Corporation is a local self government which has come into being under the Bombay Provincial Municipal Act, 1949. It carries out all the obligatory functions and discretionary functions entrusted by the BPMC Act, 1949.

Surat became one of the first municipalities of India in 1852, and was converted into a municipal corporation in 1966 under the Bombay Provincial Municipal (BPMC) Act, 1949.

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) perceives its role as the principal facilitator and provider of services to provide a better quality of life for the city of Surat. SMC has responded to the challenges of fastest population growth and high speed economic development by adopting the best urban management practices.


With a visionary leadership and strong support from citizens, SMC has been instrumental in the transformation of the city and its growth. It serves estimated 5.5 million citizens and promises to deliver modern, accountable, transparent and progressive governance.

SMC has now taken up the challenge of transforming Surat city into the SMART City.

Heritage Sites Circuit in Surat | Travel Guide



History of Surat, dates back to around 16th century during those times it was known as Suryapur. The historic monuments like Surat Fort and Gopi Talav, tell the story of Surat along with the notes by some of the travellers like Barbosa, who noted the proceedings of Sultan of Gujarat in his travel notes. However difficult it may be to trace the exact details of the history back then, this monuments definitely speak to us in the language only a traveller can understand.


Gopi Talav1510Gopi Talav was built in around 1510 by Malik Gopi, who was an affluent merchant and governor of Surat
during the Mughal Empire.
Surat Castle1546The construction of the castle was completed
in 1546 by Safi Agha, under the ruling of
Ahmedabad king Sultan Mahmood III
Mughal Sarai1644It was built during the period of
Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan
in the year 1644 A.D. and was popularly
known as ‘Mugal Sarai’ (Travellers Inn).
Andrew’s Library1850Andrew’s Library was opened on 1st July 1850
Narmad House1866Saraswati Mandir was built by Narmad in 1866,
renamed as Narmad House after the restoration
work by SMC
Gandhi Bagh1870Rani Baug, presently Gandhi Baug
inaugurated by Municipality in 1870
Clock Tower1870Clock Tower was erected in 1870
Hope Bridge1877Inauguration of Hope Bridge – 1877


Heritage Circuit Route Map


Clock Tower

  • Clock Tower is on the Station-Chowk main road and will be one of the first things you will be noticing when you go around on this route.
    • It was constructed in 1871 by Khan Bahadoor Burjorjee Merwanjee Fraser at the cost of Rs 14000 in the memory of his father Merwanjee Hormusjee Fraser and for the convenience of the inhabitants of Surat. Know More
    • Timings
      • Clock Tower is on the main road, opened to be viewed from the outside, anytime.
    • Fees
      • It’s Free.
    • Notes
      • Insides of the Tower is currently not opened for public.

Narmad House

  • Narmad Dave was a poet, philosopher, writer, social reformer in Surat. He composed, Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat, which is the state song of Gujarat.
  • He built Saraswati Mandir in 1866.
  • It got lost in the time, later renovated by SMC. Know More
  • Timings
    • 8 am to 8 pm on regular days.
    • On Mondays and public holidays – 8 am to 2 pm
  • Fees
    • Free.
  • Notes
    • It is a heritage site as well as library, maintain decorum of the place.

Mughal Sarai

  • The Building which is used at present as an office complex by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is one of the ancient monuments of Surat city and was built originally as a ‘Sarai’ or Musafarkhana (travellers’ inn). Know More
    • It was built during the period of Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1644 A.D. and was popularly known as ‘Mugal Sarai’.
    • Since 1867 the building was occupied by the present corporation.
    • Timings
      • Suggested timings : 10 am to 6 pm
    • Fees
      • Free. This is not just another tourist attraction. So please follow the norms of place.
    • Notes
      • It is administrative office of SMC. It is not open for public exploration. You can walk around and look at the beauty of this place.

Andrew’s Library

  • Library was established on 1st July 1850 and named after Andrew.
    • This library got destroyed during the floods in 2005. Know More.
    • Timings
      • Tuesday to Saturday  9am to 1pm & 3pm to 7pm
      • Sunday 9am to 1pm. Library is closed on Monday.
    • Fees
      • Free
    • Notes
      • It is only open to see from outside. Insides not open for public exploration, yet you can enjoy the mesmerizing architecture from the outside.

Surat Castle

  • Surat Fortwas built in 1546 by Safi Agha, who was appointed by Ahmedabad king Sultan Mahmood-III. This fort was built for protection against the attack of constant invaders. Know More.
    • The fort is now restorted by SMC and the new makeover look is called as Surat Castle. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing.
    • Timings
      • Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
      • Fort remains closed on Monday and major holidays.
    • Ticket Fees
      • 3 Years to 16 Years       Rs.20/-
      • 17 Years to 60 Years     Rs.40/-
      • Above 60 Years             Rs.20/-
      • Photography                 Rs.20/-
      • Videography                 Rs.100/-
    • Notes
      • Ticket selling is open only till 4:30 pm

Hope Bridge – Heritage Walkway

  • Hope Bridge was built on Tapi river by Sir Theodre Hope, when he was district collector and magistrate.
    • The bridge’s foundation was laid in 1874 and it was completed in 1877.
    • The bridge was dismantled in 2015 and replaced by new bridge keeping the old design of Hope Bridge intact. Know More
    • Timings
      • Suggested Timings : Sunrise – Sunset.
    • Fees
      • Free.
    • Notes
      • It is a public place. Do not litter. Enjoy the view of Tapi River and birds.

Gandhi Baug (Gandhi Garden)

  • This is a public garden built in the year 1870.
    • Currently it is managed by SMC. Just beside this garden, you can enjoy shopping in Sunday Fair, which is open only on Sundays.
    • Timings
      • Suggested Timings : 6am to 9pm.
    • Fees
      • Free.
    • Notes
      • It is a public place. Do not litter.

Gopi Talav

  • Gopi Talav, the water reservoir was constructed around 1510 A.D. by Malik Gopi, who was a leading merchant of surat and cheif vazir of Gujarat Sultanate. Know More.
    • Gopi Talav was a source of water supply for the population till 1673 A.D. Later lost it’s place in time. In 2015, it was renovated by Surat Municipal Corporation as “Lake Garden”.
    • Timings
      • 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Suggested to visit in evenings.
    • Ticket Fees
      • Kids        Rs.10/-
      • Adults Rs.20/-
      • Parking Rs 10 for 2 wheelers, 20 for 4 wheelers.
    • Notes
      • It is crowded on weekends and festive seasons.