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Why you must watch Wildlife : Resurrection Islands by Nat Geo featuring Bertie Gregory

Hope Storytelling Freshness. Number one reason why you must watch Wildlife series Resurrection Island by Nat Geo is simply because it’s awesome and only few shows or episodes come closer to it with respect to story telling, hope, videography and freshness brought in by Bertie Gregory. Now that you know that there is this awesome series by Nat Geo about Wildlife pertaining to resurrection where the animals come back from the dead or in this case near local extinction, it’s time to know what makes this series so awesome.

Resurrection Islands. This series is based on Wildlife near Islands of South Georgia, where animals were hunted in large number for commercial purpose driving them into near extinction. Later with conservation efforts and new policies, wildlife thrived in this place and now it is one of the best locations for wildlife observation, film-making and story telling. It speaks of hope on a large scale completely undoing the damage done by us. Following quote by Bertie summaries it well.

“If given the chance nature can bounce back on a scale you are not going to believe.”

Bertie Gregory, Wildlife Film Maker

Storytelling is spot on. Under this series animals like Fur Seals, Macaroni Penguins, Albatrosses, King Penguins are covered in detail. There are moments in the series that tell us about fighting spirit, survival tenacity, mutual love, loyalty, care and overcoming the obstacles in life with every might, power and strength you have got. The story of life-long companionship by Albatross makes us wonder about our emotional and moral fibre. Flying alongside Albatross sure seems like a wonderful experience. The way King Penguins go through tough experiences of weather, ocean and encounter with predators is inspiring on its own. How they feed their chicks makes us ask are we doing good enough for our own kind. Life is so organised for the Penguins under so much chaos.

Wildlife through cinematic experience. Grab some popcorns and get ready for the cinema-tic experience of the wild. Bertie takes us through a ride of cinematic experience with amazing background music. In the episode about Macaroni Penguins the shots which are taken at ground level makes you feel you are walking besides them. The way they jump on the rocks and walk ahead through greens, doesn’t feel like it is happening in nature real time but it’s as if those animals are in for a show and they are giving a perfect shot. Definitely that’s what makes Bertie an awesome filmmaker and adds some more cherry on top of this show.

Lot of lessons taught. The concept of dynamic souring is explained very well. The lifespan and lifestyle of these animals are covered in detail. Their traits and behaviours are showcased to teach and train the next generation of biologists, environmentalists, wildlife photographers & filmmakers, policy makers and historians.

Protection of environment is our responsibility. A lot has been achieved till now but a lot more is yet to be done. Nature needs to be protected and everything within it. We as humans for once need to realize that we are one of the many species on this planet and our goal should be as a contributor in the ecosystem and not merely a consumer. Now is the time to take things into our hands and form protective measures for wildlife and fauna likewise and conserve nature in its original sense.

Passionate, young and charming Bertie Gregory brings in completely new energy into narration and story telling. His young fresh voice and amusement about the nature, animals and wild brings a certain kind of joy in you and makes you feel as if you are on the ride alongside him. The kind of exhilaration and feelings experienced by Bertie are like your own and that’s why it connects closely to you. He has put in lot of efforts along with his team behind the scenes just like most of the wildlife filmmakers. Such kind of work is symbol of passion, interest, dedication, hardwork, discipline and intense research. You are going to fall for his happy laugh.

Without going further into more details about each episode and what’s in it for you to enjoy, we request you to go take a glimpse of some episodes only to find yourself watching entire series. Share us your favourite moments in the series in the comment section below.