Is it raining in Surat ?

Daily weather update from Surat 24-July-2020 It rained heavily last night. Over 50mm (2inches) of rainfall was registered across all zones of Surat. Total rainfall till now is 714mm. 20-July-2020 It did not rain today in Surat. There has been very almost no rain in the last 3 days. Total rainfall till now is 623mm.Continue reading “Is it raining in Surat ?”

Monsoon in Surat – July 2020

June 2020 – Even though Monsoon arrived during the second week of June, there was not much presence during the month of June. Sky was cloudy and it seemed that it may rain anytime. However apart from some pouring for few minutes, there was no full-fledged entry of Monsoon. July 2020 – By the secondContinue reading “Monsoon in Surat – July 2020”

Birdwatching in Surat – June 2020

What kind of birds can we see in Surat? Monsoon season – June till September Common birds spotted during the year Sparrow Crow Pigeon Common Myna Blackbird Koel Bulbul Coucal Spotted Dove Green bee eater Bird House Finch Commonly seen in Monsoon Pond Heron Cattle egret Lapwing Fantail Purple Sunbird Green Sunbird Special birds inContinue reading “Birdwatching in Surat – June 2020”

SMC managed SUMAN school students outshine in SSC exams with 7 students in A1 grade

Around 7 students from SUMAN schools operated by SMC score A1 grade in SSC 2020 results in GSEB. Around 350 students score A1 grade in entire Surat district which has passing percent of 67% highest in the state. SUMAN schools are municipal corporation operated where students are provided free education, books, uniforms and other facilities.Continue reading “SMC managed SUMAN school students outshine in SSC exams with 7 students in A1 grade”

Skygazing in Surat : Stars, Planets and Summer Solistice in June 2020

4th June 2020 Mercury is at its greatest elongation. 5th June 2020 Fullmoon (Jyestha Shukla Purnima) World Environment Day 18, 19, 20 June 2020 Waning Crescent Moon 21st June 2020 Newmoon Summer Solistice – Longest Day of the year Father’s Day International Yoga Day 22, 23, 24 June 2020 Waxing Crescent Moon 23 June 2020Continue reading “Skygazing in Surat : Stars, Planets and Summer Solistice in June 2020”

Skygazing : End of Summer in Surat

Skygazing is going to get a break in Surat as the clouds take over the city slowly. Here is the Timelapse showing they bring the message of Monsoon. Could only spot Antares amidst the white bright clouds covered in the night sky. Jupiter was hiding behind the clouds and appeared once in a while. ItContinue reading “Skygazing : End of Summer in Surat”