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When water becomes a crisis

When something as basic as water becomes a crisis, it speaks a lot about us !

When fresh water is distributed on basis of your ability to pay for it, you are creating a dearth for a lot of people who will be devoid of their basic right to drink clean water. They will be forced to live with unhygienic water and at times fight for a bucket of drinkable water.

That situation is the lowest we hit as urban dwellings. We look at the world through our glasses that show us a movie on repeat devouring us of the reality. We will be served with a facts manipulated to bend the truth. We will be a lost society.

We must act now and be considerate about the amount of water we use and waste. If we stop wasting water we reduce the burden on the corporations and thus helping those who can benefit from it. Everytime you open the tap, be aware that the water that goes into the drain might satisfy someone’s thirst.

Be thoughtful. Be accomodating. Be considerate.

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) – Water Conservation Project

For a city like Surat that is growing two folds every decade, management of various necessities of the citizens becomes very crucial and challenging. The responsibility of providing fresh water, keeping the city clean, providing health care, utilities, security, infrastructure and adding beautification to the city rests on the shoulders of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC).

SMC carries out activities in the areas of water, drainage, transport, fire security, libraries, education, BRTS, smart city and many other projects. The video covers Water Conservation aspect taken up by SMC and how it provides clean drinkable water to 44 lakhs Surtis.

Water is a necessity and every individual must be provided with clean drinkable water.

Water Conservation Project by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC)
Credits : LetsArc Media

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