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Winter rains in Surat – 11 Dec 2020

For the last few weeks, the weather in Surat was getting cooler and cooler during the evening and late night. During the day, the temperature would be as high as 32-34° C however at night it would drop low to 18-20°C

Today on 11 December 2020, there is a surprise visit by rain in Surat. Early morning the weather was cool as usual. It’s raining moderately since couple of hours and the land is moist now. However it’s not raining heavily.

The atmosphere has become scenic and the sun is behind the clouds. It’s very pleasant. Birds are making round.

If you are planning to visit Surat or going around in the city, plan accordingly.

Monsoon in Surat – July 2020

June 2020 – Even though Monsoon arrived during the second week of June, there was not much presence during the month of June. Sky was cloudy and it seemed that it may rain anytime. However apart from some pouring for few minutes, there was no full-fledged entry of Monsoon.

July 2020 – By the second week of July, Monsoon has officially begun in Surat. It has been constantly pouring heavily at nights with thunderstorms. Open lands have become muddy and filled to form waterholes. Low lying streets are getting water clogged everytime it rains for an hour or so. The trees have turned all green and the grass is growing well.

Water birds are making the best of it. Due to pandemic people have restricted movement. No one is seen going out apart from some work or essentials. Things are slow and lazy.

555 mm rainfall has been observed till 15 July 2020.