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Procedure for WES evaluation for Canada – VNSGU

Some Universities provide Transcripts and/or WES evaluation for US and Canada by visiting in primese as well as from online application of University Portal, however for VNSGU Surat one must visit University premises itself. There is no facitility of Online Portal application for transcripts or WES Evaluationa as of November 2019.

The procedure for obtaining transcripts might change with respect to each college, however we are providing higher level steps for obtaining transcripts and completing WES evaluation. This procedure keeps on changing slightly and getting a bit smooth, every few months, so try to visit University Premise or verify by calling the concerned department.


  • Get transcript from your college or university department
  • You will have to provide Xerox copies of your Marksheets and Degree certificate to the concern person along with some fees.
  • You will recieve the transcript within (3-7 days based on the person), follow up with them for expediting the process.
  • The transcript must be verified with all your scores, exam dates, course dates and degree semesters.

Get multiple Xerox copies of your – Marksheets, Degree Certificates, Transcripts once you obtain them.

Touch Points to process WES for Canada from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU), Surat

  • Transcripts from college or department
  • Verification of transcripts
  • Verification of marksheet from Examination department (106 Room – Examination Building)
  • Verification of degree certificate from Convocation department (207 Room – Examination Building)


  • 100 Rs for 3 copies of Transcript
  • 150 for every marksheet ( for eg if you have 8 marksheet for 4 years of engineering, then it will cost 150*8 = 1200)
  • 150 for every transcript ( for eg if you have Masters degree, then you will have 2 Transcripts, one for BSc n one for MSc 2*150=300Rs)
  • 2000 Rs will be charged for sending those verified documents to WES Canada as per the details filled in WES Application Request Form

All payments will be accepted only from the Payment counter in the ground floor of Main Building near the parking lot. You will have to do a lot of to and fro, to avoid multiple to and fro follow the below steps.

  • Take 5 copies of your Marksheets and Degree Certificates.
  • Visit your college/department for Transcript.
  • Fill form for transcript and submit it along with a copy of your marksheets+degree (if required)
  • Once you fill the form, if you are from university, then you will be asked to do the payment of 100Rs from the payment counter in the ground floor of Main building. If you are from respective college, you will have to follow accordingly.
  • Once payment is done, the officer will take a 3-7 working days to complete transcript. You must verify all details related to your semester, dates, scores, seat no, student id and other details provided and cross check with your marksheets. Once your verify, the transcripts will be duly signed by the college department HoD.
  • Step 1 completed. Transcripts received duly signed by HoD.
  • Now you need to visit University with two copies of transcripts, marksheets, degree certificates, government approved ID card like PAN, Aadhar, DL as well as WES application form for Canada, if you have Masters degree then you need to fill two different form for UG n PG, so accordingly take two printout.
  • Visit examination building in VNSGU University and go to room 106 on first floor. Ask for WES Canada application procedure and you will be provided with a form from University.
  • Fill that form, WES form, attach transcripts original, photocopies of transcripts, marksheets, degree certificates.

DISCLAIMER : The fees mentioned may vary with time and depend on the college or degree you have completed. We have covered or provided the values for basic understanding of the cost of WES evaluation. Final stand of process and fees, will be as per when you are applying. Posted in Nov 2019

Feel free to post your queries below. Also share your experience and any deviation you observed in the process during the latest application.